Zine: Families Taking Action For Racial Justice

Screen_Shot_2017-01-10_at_11.21.26_AM.pngThe SURJ Families Zine: Families Taking Action for Racial Justice is by and for actual families and caregivers who are working for racial justice -- coming as we are. It's a mix of practical tips and creative works that we hope inspire and support you and your family in taking collective action for racial justice. Pieces include: 

  • Tips on making it through a racial justice meeting with a toddler
  • A letter to use with your children's teacher to discuss racial justice themes around Thanksgiving
  • Tools people without families can use to make racial justice meetings more accessible to families
  • Legal advice about risking arrest at a protest as a parent (will it impact my custody battle?) and,
  • Many inspiring pieces of creative art and writing, capturing the challenges and beauty of working for racial justice as a parent.
Image description: Text on a black background "SURJ Families Presents Families Take Action for Racial Justice, tips and tricks for taking bold action in high stakes times" A white appearing child in winter clothes holds a poster saying "My friends deserve to be as safe as me."

If you're interested in this zine & want to be invited to a call with contributors, please share a little information with us here.

There are four ways to get the zine:
  1. Order a hard copy of the zine and/or donate so that poor, working class and/or rural families can get hard copies for free at  http://surjfamilies.bigcartel.com/
  2. Download the free PDF here. SURJ Zine: Families Taking Action for Racial Justice 
  3. If you are poor, working class, and/or rural, you can request printed zines free of cost by emailing zoe@showup4rj.org
  4. A text version that is more accessible for people using screen readers is coming soon here: http://bit.ly/SURJFamilyZine2017

For more resources like this and to join the conversation with other SURJ Families, join our SURJ Family Facebook group: http://bit.ly/SURJFamiliesFacebookGroup