Which Side Are You On? A SURJ Response to the Grand Jury in Ferguson

Now is the time to show up for racial justice for Michael Brown and his family, and for Ferguson.  Once again, a white police officer has been allowed to kill an unarmed Black youth without repercussions.  Who will be next? Which is the next community to be turned into police state for exercising their freedom to assemble?  It’s time to show up for racial justice!

Right now your help is needed:

Art by Dignidad Rebelde

1. Go to actions. The Ferguson community and the country as a whole need to see that black lives matter.

2. Organize actions. Don’t wait for someone else to get the ball rolling when the need is so critical.  Post your actions at http://fergusonaction.com/ and on the Showing up for Racial Justice facebook page or to our SURJ listserve.

3. De-escalate overtly racist white people at actions so that POC don’t need to be doing that. Here are some tips: Verbal De-Escalation Techniques

4. Raise money. Click here for a list of organizations and directions on how to donate. Folks on the ground need support to be able to carry on the struggle.

Remember, racial justice is not a spectator sport.  We must stand together so that young black people can no longer be singled out and killed.

See SURJ’s Police Brutality Action Kit for more resources.