Wake up, Speak up, Act up: A Call to White Fathers and White People of STL

Wake Up
Come to the Basin 9:30 AM
Wake yourself to action. Wake other white folk to the outrage of racist violence

Speak Up 
Engage Silent Demonstration Calling to White Fathers and White People More Generally.
A leaflet will be printed to explain the silent demonstration. 
BRING A BLACK LIVES MATTER sign if you have one.
Posters addressing white folk to do the work are encouraged.

We're not arguing, we're bringing a message to white folk. They may decline, but they will have no choice but to see briefly.

If people of color need to speak their truth, white folk are listening.

We are not speaking to police or press except to silently give them our handout.

Act Up 
Silent (short) march to undisclosed location
We will speak the names of people of color killed by the structural racism of state violence and the members of Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC.

We will listen to any truth telling that is shared.

We must stop the white violence. To do this, we must talk honestly about race and racism in our families and greater STL.

People of Color are experiencing racist violence for acts like walking in the road, playing with toy guns, going to a pool party, and praying in church.

This violence and terror is enforcing a greater system of privileging of white folks. And we must constantly recognize this and say, NO MORE.

We condemn the racist violence that is committed against People of Color, and we pledge to show our solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and willingness to work with white people to end racist practices and subsequent violent enforcement of racism.

Please bring a white friend.

ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME. This is not an exclusive event to white people.

However, we hope to see white faces come out and stand up to condemn the white violence and pledge to do the work on ourselves necessary to end the persistent brutal behavior of our white cousins.

100% Bring a message to white folk about the needed work.
Make a visible showing. This is an open event. 
Share liberally, work radically.

June 21, 2015 at 9:30am - 11am
Forest Park Grand Basin
Lagoon Drive
Saint Louis, MO
United States
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Darlene HawkerSelf ·

Will you come?