Undermine Support for Muslim Ban

Over the weekend and into this week, Trump’s Muslim ban sparked protests across the country in huge cities and small towns. Many of us who participated were energized by being in action and space with others who share our values. Others of us who watched were inspired to take bolder action the next time Trump issues a repressive Executive Order.

Yet, polls released this week show that more Americans support the ban than oppose it.

At SURJ, we believe it’s the work of white people to undermine support in white communities for racist policies and practices, and to proactively build support in white communities for racial justice.

Part of our work in the coming weeks and months, then, is to move white folks who are on the sidelines into action. One way to do that is to get brave and begin knocking on doors in our neighborhoods to make our support for the Muslim community both visible and tangible -- and to call on our neighbors to do the same.

While the polls may currently indicate support for the ban, our work is to shift the minds of folks who are on the fence, and to make that support visible. We must talk with our friends, family and neighbors about the implications of this ban -- and to prod those who might be undecided to, instead, “show up” for justice.

We’ve developed materials to support you in hitting the streets! Click here to fill out this simple form to get our canvassing toolkit, a script that you can use to talk with your neighbors about the ban, and an electronic file you can use to print yard signs.