SURJ Political Ed launches for 2016

Are you and your chapter hungry to incorporate more political education into your chapter meetings? Need resources to compliment the action and organizing work your leading? We've developed a series of training and materials to incorporate into your chapter meetings the first half of 2016!

To do our work well, SURJ is committed to working with members to deepen our political analysis – our understanding of how racism operates and how it relates to other systems of oppression. We believe this understanding will help us support more effective program strategies and keep us engaged over the long haul in our shared goal of building a long-term movement for racial justice.

We realize we are showing up for our work together with greatly varying degrees of knowledge and political (mis)education. To meet the need for political education within the organization we are developing a series of political education sessions for SURJ local leaders and regional resource folks.

SURJ is launching a series of  monthly calls for folks in SURJ group leadership, each of which will present a short (15-20 mins) lesson. Each session will be offered on a one-hour call. The call will start with an introduction to the hows and whys of political education that will lead into the short lesson on the chosen topic. The lesson will be followed by an opportunity for discussion and questions so that we deepen our understanding while also thinking about how to support others to do the same.

The series will start with four sessions this March and will run through June, resuming in the fall. These sessions will be short, concise, accessible, and translatable to others. The sessions will also be available in written format and additional resources will be offered on a SURJ political education website.

We consider this an experimental project with great potential to strengthen the ability of white people to show up for racial justice. The complete schedule and registration links are below:




Registration Link

March 8th

Racism 101

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April 12th

White Supremacy Culture

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May 10th

White Privilege/Superiority

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June 14th


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