SURJ Organizing Training

In the months since Trump has been elected, we have seen amazing mobilization across the country. However, we know that in these critical times, also we need to be digging into organizing--the process of building power for a multi-racial movement led by folks of color that transforms the system of white supremacy.

 SURJ is offering a week long organizing training to provide skills to increase our ability to shift power for the long haul and have impact in our communities. 

Topics will include

  • How to build a base

  • Identifying problems and issues

  • Strategies and Targets

  • Grassroots fundraising as grassroots organizing

  • Choosing tactics

  • Building strong teams

  • The practice of leadership


We will specifically focus on organizing tools and methods that uplift the leadership of rural, Southern, poor, and working class organizers.

The training will take place at the Highlander Research and Education Center in Tennessee March 24th - 30th.   


 SURJ is offering this training and logistics at a very low cost to encourage SURJ leaders to attend. We are using a class based sliding scale system for recommended fees. That said, we understand that class and money can be complicated and encourage anyone who finds the suggested fees a barrier contact to discuss scholarship options.

 This organizing training is a key opportunity for SURJ chapters to develop their chapter leaders. We encourage chapters to fundraise in accountable ways to support chapter leaders to attend.

 Training fees will cover materials, food, lodging, and other accommodations.




Poor/Welfare Class

Suggested donation of $25-$100


Working Class

Suggested donation of $25-$100


Middle Class Individual/and or chapter


Attendee pays

Owning Class individual/and or chapter


Attendee pays

Note: A stipend is available to poor/welfare class and working class people who are losing wages or have other expenses related to travel. SURJ will also be sharing fundraising resources to help folks of all class backgrounds raise resources to be able to attend the training. 

To apply for the training, please complete the application here. SURJ will let applicants know if they are accepted by the end of February.