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There is a lot happening in the SURJ network right now. Here's a round-up of resources and calls for activists and leaders. Whether you are new to SURJ or a long time chapter leader, these calls are for you. This post references work led by our partner organization, SURJ and SURJ Action, the political arm.

SURJ Actions

Have you signed the petition against hate and fear yet?

In case you missed it…SURJ members featured in The Nation,, Huck, ThinkProgress.

Victory in Smoketown: Louisville SURJ in action-

SURJ organizers contributed to a major Black-led victory this week with the defeat of a proposed above-ground sewer runoff basin in Smoketown, a historically Black, low-income neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. Read more...

Dump Trump - Chicago SURJ in Action-

By now there’s been a lot of coverage and sharing of what happened in Chicago when Trump was blocked from having a rally in our town. The SURJ Chicago group joined thousands of other protesters to turn up and say no to his brand of hate and racism in our town. Read more...

Love is Unstoppable - SURJ Faith Weekend of Action - May 14-15, 2016

Join (mostly) white faith communities across the country on May 14th and 15th to show up for deep, fierce and abiding love for our communities and against hate and fear. Check out their action kit here


Click here to register your action - So we know you’re planning and can support you

Click here to list your action on SURJ’s action page so others can find it. Click “Host an action” and create a login.

Get updates when we add more resources at the Facebook event and on the Love Is Unstoppable webpage. 

Upcoming SURJ Trainings

All trainings are held at 5pm pt/ 6pm mt/ 7pm ct/ 8pm et

May 10th: Political Education call on White Privilege/Superiority. Join Paul Kivel and Tema Okun for a training session you can bring back to your chapter on how white folks internalize superiority and gain benefits from the way society is structured now. Register here

May 16th: Organizing and the Elections: Protecting Ourselves and our Partners. Many of us use fiscal sponsors at the local level, and others of us are wondering what SURJ and SURJ Action members can do around the election. This webinar will explore our options and boundaries around civic engagement and elections. Register here

May 18th: Creating Effective Campaigns w/Daniel Hunter

Part 3 of our study group with author and activist Daniel Hunter on the New Jim Crow Organizing Manual. Chapter 3 examines creating change through campaigns. Campaigns harness the power of groups and direct that power toward a single goal. With intention and focus, campaigns create pressure to enact specific, concrete changes. By making these changes, we can chip away at the larger oppressive system and hone our ability to transform society. Register here

Click here to read more about the booklet / order copies for your SURJ group, and here to find out why we're organizing the series.

May 31st: Base building Call - we'll be workshopping and coaching our base building challenges and sharing more information on SURJ's canvassing program. If you or your group are struggling to bring new people in, not sure how to keep folks engaged, or working to develop a canvassing or outreach call and would like support, this is the call for you! Register here

June 9th: Petitions for Recruitment, Earned Media, and Pressure! Our friends at PowerLabs are hosting a training for SURJ on how to use petitions to improve and expand our organizing. Register here

Super Volunteers

Are you ready to be super? SURJ is building teams of Super Volunteers to strategically build our capacity for racial justice movement building in this historic moment.  Super Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop and share skills around digital communications strategy, database development, web design, fundraising, and video editing. Click here for more information on leading for racial justice as a Super Volunteer.

SURJ Yard Signs

Chapters, affiliates and partners across the country are continuing their work to call in white communities through door to door outreach. We still have Black Lives Matter yard signs and we now have I <3 my Muslim Neighbor yard signs available with the proceeds going to the Arab American Association of New York, a key partner in our work. To order click here.



Tool Kits

SURJ members have been working hard to create a number of toolkits to support the organizing.

Disability and Access Toolkit: SURJ seeks to build a movement that is informed by anti-ableism, access and Disability Justice. We offer the following as an introduction to Disability Justice politics, practice and access, seeking to deepen our political analysis and re-imagine our cultural values within white racial justice organizing.

Cross-Class Capacity Building Tool: A class smarts primer for middle and upper class whites interested in building trust and relationship within white working class communities.

How to talk to white people in the moment of Trump: Many SURJ members and supporters from across the country have been grappling with the best ways to Show Up for Racial Justice in the current political moment.

May Day Action with Children Toolkit: As white people showing up for racial justice, join us in engaging your youngest children in our struggle. We want dignity and justice for all people! Useful all year round-

In solidarity,

Dara, Erin, Zoë, Kristen, Cathy, Andrew, Anne and all of us at SURJ

Showing Up for Racial Justice Action (SURJ Action)