SURJ Calls and Trainings: 2017

Below is a list of SURJ national calls and trainings that are open to our base. The list will be updated as we schedule. In some cases, the date is held, but the registration link isn't live yet. Please check back frequently for updated information! 

To request closed captioning for any of these calls, please email at least 24 hours before the call.  

SURJ also hosts all-chapter calls every other Friday at noon EST. These calls are open to folks practicing leadership in SURJ chapters.  Registration information is sent over the local leads email list serve. If you need a registration link, please email 

New chapter orientations are held weekly on Thursdays at 6:00 EST. Registration is required. 

January 2017 

January 4th, 8:00 EST: Disability and Racial Justice, a Community Conversation. Join us for a conversation about the need to build greater racial justice politics and action within the disability rights movement and in our daily lives and communities. Come participate in a dialogue to address how as white disabled folks committed to racial justice we can and do find ways to break isolation and take action. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

January 12th, 8:00 EST: Power Research: Who benefits the most from racism nationally and in our communities. Join SURJ and SURJ Action for a teach-in on how we can use power research to learn who benefits most from racism nationally and in our communities. The training will feature new research on learning abut the elites who will benefit most from Trump's racist agenda, share tools for how to begin researching the power elite in your community, and offer examples of how other communities have used research to win important racial and economic justice fights. The call will be led by trainers from the Public Accountability Initiative that runs, a grassroots watchdog network connecting the dots between the world's most powerful people and organizations. Register here. Recording here.

January 24th, 8:00 EST: Base Building in Poor and Working Class Communities. Focus on base building. By and for poor and working class people. Folks with class privilege are asked not to participate. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.

January 26th, 8:00 EST: Class Cultures and Social Movements. What's your chapter's class culture? Join SURJ and author of "Missing Class" Betsy Leandor Write for a workshop on the traits different economic classes bring to organizing, and how to shift our norms to support the leadership of poor and working class people within SURJ. This is a cross-class call, everyone is welcome to join. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.

February 2017 

February 1st at 8:00 EST. SURJ and Security Culture. This call will share SURJ's orientation to security, share some best practices and offer space for chapters to share with each other the practices they are using. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.

February 7th at 8:00 EST: Class Privilege Call - Facilitating Class Conversations. Join other SURJ leaders with class privilege (middle class, owning and ruling class folks) to talk about supporting courageous conversations about class in our chapters. We will review facilitation guides and activities you can use to surface class in your chapter and have space for folks to ask questions of and share with each other. Register here. Recording here.

February 9th at 8:00 EST. Nuts and Bolts of Power Research. This call will dig into concrete tools to research targets for actions and organizing campaigns. Join the Public Accountability Initiative to learn the nuts and bolts of campaign research to support your chapter's work and learn more about the launch of SURJ's research working group. This call will build on the research call in January, but it's not required that you participated in the first call to join this one.  Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

February 21st at 8:00 EST - Political Education: Racism 101. This workshop is meant for people who are new to anti-racist work and interested in the basics: what is racism, how it operates, what is white privilege, what do we mean when we use the words “white supremacy,” and what can we do about it. We will also share a facilitation guide for chapter leaders to be able to bring this workshop back to their chapters. Register here. Recording here.

March 2017

March 2nd at 8:00 EST: Class and Racial Justice Work. We will discuss why class matters in racial justice work, how SURJ thinks about class, and what it means to center poor and working class leadership. Live captioning is available for this call, please contact with the date and time of this call. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

March 9th at 8:00 EST: Anne Braden, Women’s Liberation, Mutual Interest, And The Lessons For Today’s Struggles. Cate Fosl, Anne Braden's biographer and director of the Anne Braden Institute at University of Louisville will lead a conversation about Anne’s 1940s- 1970s efforts to reach white women about the struggle to end white supremacy, why she saw the work for racial justice as key to liberation for all of us, and the critical role of the South in the struggle for beloved community. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

March 16th at 8:00 EST: Class Culture Call. Join us for a discussion with author, activist, and scholar Betsy Leondar-Wright for a discussion about how differences in class cultures can create conflict, as well as ideas for bridging class differences. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

March 21st at 8:00 EST: Political Education: Call to Action - What, Why, How? SURJ talks about the importance of taking action for racial justice. What does that mean exactly? What is useful action, how does action relate to education, what is it for and how does it fit into our movement for social change. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

April 2017

April 18th at 8:00 EST: Political Education: Interrupting Patterns of White Feminism. In this movement moment when millions of white cis-women are becoming mobilized and radicalized in opposition to Trump, how can we push the movement to organize beyond white middle class cis-women issues and towards racial justice? What common and historical patterns of white feminism should we make conscious and disrupt -- now and for the long haul? Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

April 19th at 8:00 EST: Organizing in the Suburbs. This call will discuss organizing tools and strategies for organizing in suburban areas. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

April 20th at 8:00 EST: Beyond the Moment: Getting your Group into Action on May 1st. Join SURJ to learn how your group or chapter can participate in the Beyond the Moment mobilizations organized by the Movement for Black lives in your local community. The purpose of the month of action is to build a powerful movement of all people dedicated to freedom that embraces our differences.  The call will share information on how you and/or your group can take action May 1st, show up accountably and support you participating in or hosting local political education gatherings to deepen our collective understanding of the connections between militarism, racism, and capitalism. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

May 2017

May 16th at 8:00 EST: Political Education: White Nationalism/Fascism 101. During this call, researcher and journalist Chip Berlet will sketch an overview of how white nationalist populism can lead to fascism; how they operate in our times; and lessons about how to respond and resist. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording here.

May 17th at 8:00 EST: Class Privilege Call - Tools and Resources to dig into why class matters in racial justice work. This call will offer a number of tools and facilitation guides to begin or continue action orientated conversations about class in your group. The call is best for chapter leaders with class privilege who are hoping to or already engaging their chapters in conversations about how class impacts our groups and our organizing strategy for racial justice. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.

June 2017

June 14th at 8:00 EST: Student for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Why It Failed: Learnings from the 1960s. Join SURJ for a workshop to learn and discuss on why the white left and SDS failed to effectively follow Black leadership and align itself alongside and behind the movement for Black liberation. We will be joined by David Barber, author of "A Hard Rain Fell: SDS and Why it Failed" to share this history.  Participants will have a chance to connect with others across the network to discuss what we can learn from this to inform our organizing today. The workshop will explore questions that include: What can we learn from previous efforts of predominantly white groups trying to align themselves with the movement for Black liberation? What mistakes can we learn from? What patterns do we still see showing up today? How might we move to more powerfully answer the call to organize our communities toward a vision of liberation? Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.

June 15th at 8:00 EST: Class Privilege Call - Coaching and Workshopping Challenges. This call will open space for folks with class privilege to share and receive feedback from others about their work to center class in their local organizing work. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.

July 2017

July 12th at 8:00 EST: Success Stories of Cross Class Organizing. This call will feature a number of chapters from across the network to share stories about successful cross-class organizing strategies and campaigns in their anti-racist work. Call is 1 hour. Register here. Recording coming soon.