Show Up for Black Lives Matter Minneapolis and the Movement for Black Lives

Last night, white supremacists attacked the #4thPrecinctShutDown in an act of domestic terrorism.  Five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot by masked men.

As white people, we have a responsibility to change the narrative of white supremacy by breaking white silence.

After a similar attack on peaceful protestors 30 years ago, Anne Braden, a long-time white racial justice organizer, said

“The men who pulled the triggers that killed five people here on the streets of Greensboro are dangerous men who must be brought to justice. But they are not the cause of our problem, they are the result.

The real danger today comes from people in high places, from the halls of Congress to the boardrooms of our big corporations, who tell white people that if their paychecks are eaten up by taxes it’s not because of our bloated military budget but because of government programs that benefit black people. If young whites are unemployed, it’s because blacks are getting all the jobs. Our problem is the people in power who are creating a scapegoat mentality. That is what is creating the danger of a fascist movement in America.

We won't let them intimidate Black communities.

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