Sign the Pledge to Resist Fear and Hatred

"Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”1

Donald Trump is about to confirm the Republican nomination for President.

We must take Donald Trump seriously. This is organized, dangerous hatred. When tens of thousands of people gather to applaud and support Trump’s racist, xenophobic rhetoric, it provides encouragement to violent radicals, like the white supremacists who shot Black Lives Matter supporters in Minneapolis, or Dylann Roof, who killed nine black parishioners in a Charleston church this summer.

It is clear to us that Trump wants to recruit white people by stoking the fires of racism. We refuse to join a political agenda founded on hate. White people have a special responsibility to interrupt a process that seeks to mobilize our community against our neighbors of color.

The forces of hate are on the march in the United States, and it’s time to confront them. Trump’s candidacy has not faltered, we must actively work to end it. We can’t ignore the recent rash of neo-confederate rallies, militia actions, the police killings of black Americans, or the anti-immigrant furor. We must respond before he is elected President of the United States.

We know what happens when we choose not to speak up against injustice. We’ve learned from the past, and we won’t allow a repeat of the same hateful mistakes. We honor the history of those Americans who fought against the injustices of their day, whether they resisted the internment of Japanese Americans, Jim Crow racial segregation, the enslavement of Africans, or the forced relocation and genocide of indigenous people. History teaches us that, when people take action together, our fierce love can win out over hate.

It’s time for us to show up in our own time against the organized forces of fear and hatred.

We want religious freedom. We want liberty and justice for all people. We want a loving and just world. It’s going to take real risks to get free from fear and oppression - and we’re willing to take those risks.

Join us in pledging resistance to hatred, racism and xenophobia. 







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“I pledge to resist racism, hatred, and xenophobia wherever they are found, even if that means taking action that feels risky to me. I pledge to join with my community for action to defend and preserve our shared values of equality and justice.”

Will you sign?