Leadership Team




Erin HeaneyErin Heaney: Co-Director

Erin Heaney serves as Co-Director for SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice. She is an organizer and trainer who has helped build local and state power for racial, economic and environmental justice. Erin was the Executive Director of the Clean Air Coalition of Western New York and Community Power for Health and Justice in Buffalo, New York from 2009-2015. There she led and supported member-driven campaigns to build power and win campaigns that including the conviction of Tonawanda Coke Corporation after the company poisoned residents, millions of dollars in transition funds after a coal-burning power plant retired, and a number of protections from the states second-largest diesel truck terminal. She served on the board of the New York State Civic Engagement table and has worked on a number of local civic engagement and electoral campaigns. She grew up and lives in Buffalo, New York and has a degree in political science from Swarthmore College. 


Heather CronkHeather Cronk: Co-Director

Heather Cronk serves as Co-Director for SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice. Heather comes out of LGBTQ organizing work, serving as managing director and then co-director of GetEQUAL for six years. Prior to her work with GetEQUAL, Heather was the Chief Operating Officer at the New Organizing Institute, and previously worked with organizations such as mySociety in the U.K., and with in the U.S.A native of Lexington, KY, Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion/philosophy from Berry College in Rome, GA, and a Master of Divinity degree from Wake Forest University Divinity School in Winston-Salem, NC



Evelyn_photo.pngEvelyn Lynn: Rural Organizer

Originally from a small town in Western North Carolina, Evelyn Lynn has 15 years of experience in grassroots organizing and campaigns, primarily around issues in the criminal legal system. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Evelyn served as the Campaign Manager at the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, an organization that closed two youth prisons and helped transform the state's approach to juvenile justice. After Katrina, she helped found Safe Streets/Strong Communities, a community organization led by formerly-incarcerated people and families impacted by law enforcement violence, which made successful strides in reforming New Orleans’ policing, jail and indigent defense systems. After a short stint organizing in rural Wisconsin during the 2011 recall elections, she headed back to the South and helped launch the Racial Justice Action Center, an organization that supports transformative organizing initiatives led by those targeted by the criminal legal system in Georgia. Evelyn is a new mama, has recently (post-election) discovered she is an emotional eater, and never met a whisky she didn’t like.


clarissa rogersClarissa Rogers: Operations and Finance Coordinator

Clarissa Rogers has a long history of operations work for nonprofit social justice organizations, including working for Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out, and as the former President of New Society Education Foundation. She does administrative consulting that focuses on capacity building, creating best practices, long-range planning, facilitation, and workshop design. She is a former SURJ Leadership Team member, and a member of the SURJ Poor & Working Class Caucus.  She has studied at the Freire Institute and at Goddard College where her BA focused on radical pedagogy and her MA focused on Cross-Cultural Relationship Building. She lived in Philadelphia, PA, for twelve years doing racial justice and decarceration organizing in multi-racial coalitions, but now is a rural organizer in Cape Vincent, NY, a tiny village on the New York-Canadian border. She is a writer, facilitator and pedagogy nerd who believes that liberating our minds and healing our communities can be a wacky adventure full of joy and fun, even in a world that routinely breaks our hearts. 


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team (LT) is the programmatic and decision-making body of SURJ. This team is responsible for making decisions about the ongoing development, broad programmatic vision and fiscal oversight of SURJ.

  • JLove Calderon, JLove & M1 Productions
  • Anice Chenault, Louisville SURJ chapter
  • Julie Garza-Withers, SURJ Chico chapter
  • Avery Martens, SURJ Northeast Ohio chapter
  • Allyn Maxwell-Steele, Co-Director of Highlander Center
  • Pam McMichael, former ED of Highlander Center
  • Hillary Moore, formerly of Catalyst Project
  • Jeff Ordower, ED of Global Exchange
  • Kari Points, Triangle SURJ chapter
  • Clarissa Rogers, Blue Elf Consulting
  • Carla Wallace, Louisville SURJ chapter


Our team of connectors are all people who use their platform - whether that is as an artist, speaker, author, organizer, etc - to help further the mission of SURJ, engaging more white people in our shared work for racial justice.

Our Logo

Our logo was created by Ricardo Levins Morales, an artist by trade, a healer by temperament and a troublemaker by necessity. His art and writing both grow out of his relationships with communities and movements in struggle for a more livable world. He also offers support and reflection for organizers and others facing the dilemmas of trying to create a future out of materials from the past. His art can be viewed and purchased at RLM Art Studio.