SURJCharleston.jpgSURJ is horrified and saddened, though not surprised by the terrorist attack at Charleston's Emanuel A.M.E. church yesterday. This horrific attack, which tragically took the lives of nine black community members in Charleston, South Carolina, is part of a larger system of structural violence against black people in this country. As white people, we are committed to speaking up and taking action against this and other deadly attacks on black lives from the murder of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Rekia Boyd in Chicago, and so many more. Now, more than ever, we must take action to organize other white people to stand for racial justice.



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SURJ Pride Action Kit



In response to requests, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) has created a mini Pride Action Toolkit, especially for Pride week.  Although many cities integrate their commitments to LGBTQ, and fewer to people of color communities, most have not found ways to fully ground and integrate racial justice.  Intersectionality is at the heart of SURJ’s approach to working for racial justice.  Please share widely.  Let us know if you have any feedback, comments, or questions at info@showingupforracialjustice.org.


If your local Pride organizers have been indifferent, insensitive or hostile to including issues of racial injustice, take action! If you take an action--make sure to post it to our facebook page. Check out our action items that come in various shapes and sizes.  Pick an action or two or more that feels doable and makes sense for you to do. Remember- Stonewall was a riot!

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Notes from May Rural and Small Town Basebuilding Call

SURJ Basebuilding Call Series: Rural and Small Town Organizing for Racial Justice, May 26, 2015 


See the notes below on our SURJ May Basebuilding Call: Strategies for Organizing for Racial Justice in Rural Areas and Small Towns. Click here for a recording of the call.  (Note: Call starts at 20:40 mins.)


1.        Intro to SURJ and Basebuilding: Sam (5 min)

SURJ Basebuilding is about supporting people doing local work to engage white people in racial justice around the country.

Groups around the country doing powerful rural work on racial justice.

Want you to leave this call with resources and connections with one another to do your work to engage white people for racial justice.


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Mother's Day Action Kit



Below you will find an action toolkit created by SURJ (and friends) to help you plan your action on Mother’s Day. The action toolkit is also available for download as a PDF.

As we watch the protests in Baltimore, we are reminded of that so many Black mothers mourn the deaths of their children to police brutality. Please share the Mother’s Day Action Toolkit with other families and parents.

Thanks for being brave, bold and supportive. Let us know if you have any feedback, comments or questions at info@showingupforracialjustice.org.

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SURJ Yard Sign FAQ

1. Who is SURJ and what is this project?

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) is a national network of groups and individuals organizing White people for racial justice. Check out our website to read mission and values.

In late April 2015, SURJ held a national action call on taking action in solidarity with Baltimore. A member of a local SURJ affiliate group in St. Louis, the Anti-Racist Collective (ARC), shared a big success story from their experiences taking out yard signs reading “Black Lives Matter” in predominately white neighborhoods in St. Louis. Fifty percent of people that they talked to took a sign, agreed to display it, and signed up to learn more about ARC.

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Statement in response to the protests in Baltimore following the killing of Freddie Gray:

Like many people across the United States and the world, our hearts and minds are with the people of Baltimore who are refusing to accept the murder of Freddie Gray at the hands of the police. Freddie Gray’s death is not an exception, but the rule in Baltimore where police mistreatment of the Black community is commonplace. We support the people of Baltimore as they rise up and proclaim their humanity in the face of this inhumane situation.

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Next steps to support #BaltimoreUprising

As you probably heard, all of the officers involved with the murder of Freddie Gray were indicted today. This would not have happened without the powerful youth-led actions in Baltimore and across the country.

Last night, over 500 people joined a call to hear first-hand reports from people in Baltimore and discuss taking action for racial justice at this crucial moment. Click here for detailed notes from last night's call. We are working on getting a recording of the call to post on our website.

SURJ (and friends) has compiled actions for parents and families to engage their kids in racial justice and the movement for Black Lives. Download a PDF version of the Mother's Day action toolkit.

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Families for Racial Justice Notes

Welcome! This conference call was convened by SURJ- Showing up for Racial Justice.  Over the next hour, we will be focusing on families for racial justice, thinking about parents and people in families trying to engage people at all ages in racial justice (RJ) work.

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SURJ at the White Privilege Conference

SURJ is excited to welcome you to Louisville for a weekend of workshops, strategizing, and relationship building. The SURJ Leadership Team has been working with our affiliate Louisville SURJ to make it a great week.  Details below.


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Questions From the Field: Why Should White Folks Organize White Folks for Racial Justice

1) History is full of moments when white people have been asked by leaders of color to take up this particular piece of work with other white people.  

Almost fifty years ago civil rights and black liberation movement leaders called on white people to go organize other white people.

Again, in the wake of the 2008 election of Obama when people of color and white racial justice activists called on white people to step up and we created SURJ.

In 2010, white people supported domestic workers who partnered with domestic employers to support the passage of the New York State Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.

Most recently, Ferguson’s Black youth called on white people to interrupt the narrative of white supremacy.

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