Justice for Tamir Rice: Demand an Independent Prosecutor

Tamir-Rice.pngAlmost a year after Cleveland police officers gunned down 12-year-old Tamir Rice while playing with a toy gun in a playground, his mother is still waiting for the officers involved to be held accountable.

Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother, recently said:

"Since the senseless shooting of my son Tamir I have had many sleepless nights and days - almost a year, no justice, no peace. I am very disappointed in the way Timothy McGinty is handling this investigation. I would like for him to step down and allow an independent prosecutor to take over."

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At Los Angeles Bike Event, #WhitePeople4BlackLives Call for Action on Racial Justice

White-People-for-Black-Lives-Matter.jpgOn Sunday, October 18th, White People for Racial Justice, a Los Angeles-based white anti-racist collective and SURJ affiliate, organized a demonstration on the impact of racism and police brutality. The action was intended to engage audience of white cyclists at the City’s CicLAvia event.

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Basebuilding Call Notes: Accountability Across Racial Lines, Part 1

SURJ Basebuilding Call on Building Accountability Relationships Across Racial Lines, Part 1

Sept. 29, 2015

Click here for audio from the call (Content starts at 34 mins, 15 seconds)

Click here for SURJ's Accountability Statement

1. Carla Wallace, Basebuilding: Welcome. The SURJ Basebuilding Team supports work of local groups  to expand our capacity to organize white people to take action for racial justice. We host a monthly call on a theme or issue that is coming up in local work.

Tonight, our call is focused on accountability across race in work for racial justice. We will hear  about SURJ national accountability practices, hear some stories from folks doing this work locally, hear about what is working and what our challenges are.

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SURJ Families Action Call

surj-families-action-call.jpgPlease join SURJ Families for our first action call, next Tuesday October 13, 2015 at 5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST. We will be discussing what SURJ Families focuses are and the importance of creating multi-generational spaces in our movement work. 

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Basebuilding Call Notes: Calling People In--Deeper Skills

Basebuilding call September 1, 2015: Deepening our skills to call people in

Download a recording of the call here. (Audio begins at 32 minutes and 40 seconds)

 Calling in


Sam Hamlin, SURJ- Calling in not calling out is a main value of SURJ work.

  • Defeat the culture of shaming/blaming.

  • We need everyone, including as many white people as possible. We need to focus on calling those white people into our work not calling them out of the work.

  • We are on this call because we all know we need to call in but sometimes it’s hard to know what that looks like, we are here to deepen those skills.
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I support Black Lives Matter because...

Presidential candidates and right-wing proxies like Fox News are attacking the fast-growing organization and movement, Black Lives Matter.

But they don’t know their history.

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Call Notes: White People Taking Action for Black Trans Lives Call

August 27, 2015

Click here to download the White People for Black Trans Liberation Action Kit

Click here to listen to the call. (Audio starts at 21:21 mins).



Carla Wallace: We are in solidarity with the struggle for Black people's lives and Black trans women in particular. This is a base building call for local groups to share the work they are doing around the country. These basebuilding call topics emerge from the people in our movement. Danni and Z! are going to give us framing for white people for Black Trans Lives.


Image from Micah Bazant

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White People for Black Trans Liberation

Download a PDF of this action kit here. 

“It’s a state of emergency for trans women and trans feminine folk of color…The disproportionate levels of violence trans women of color face pains me, and so does the pervasive framing of trans womanhood being directly linked to images of victimhood and tragedy. It hurts that our names are often amplified only when we are dead, gone, inactive…We can’t only celebrate trans women of color in memoriam. We must begin uplifting trans women of color, speaking their names and praises, in their lives.”

- Janet Mock, author and activist  



blacktranslivesBlack trans women have always been the leaders and pillars of our social justice movements, but currently they are being targeted for violence at alarming rates. In one week this month, five transgender women were reported murdered, bringing the number to 20 for this year alone. Of the 20 victims, 16 were transgender women of color, and most have been under 30


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Take Action for Racial Justice this High Holidays


Black Lives Matter yard sign


This has been a year of mourning the anti-Black violence that has killed so many and denied the humanity of so many more, both inside and outside the Jewish community. This High Holiday season, we come together in collective grief and with a burning desire for people of color to exist and live with dignity in our country and world. We are offering up Black Lives Matter signs and resource guides to bring the Movement for Black Lives into Jewish communities and congregations. All proceeds from the signs go to Black Lives Matter. 

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SURJ Basebuilding: How to Engage White People through Campaigns

SURJ Notes from 7.28.2015 Basebuilding Call: Using Campaigns to Broaden Your Base of White Folks Taking Action for Racial Justice

Download audio here. (Note: Call starts at 27:28 mins)


Sam Hamlin- SURJ is a national organization that organizes white people at the local level to take action for racial justice. Tonight’s conference call is part of a monthly program to build skills and learn from each other’s work. Tonight, local organizations will talk about how to organize white people for anti-racist justice through campaigns. Organizations paneling are: Nell from Ground Works in Madison, WI, Amanda with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice from NYC, Martin with European Dissent in Seattle. Then there will Q n A time and small group breakouts.

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