NationBuilder Pilot

We know many chapters want access to NationBuilder, our Community Organizing System (COS) that features a supporter database, donation management system, websites, and broadcaster for email, text and social media.  We've been working hard building out a system that can meet everyone's needs and developing training materials.  Now we're ready to launch the pilot this December-February!

Please know that a full roll-out of NationBuilder across all chapters is planned for April/May of 2017.  If you pass on participating in the pilot, you'll be invited to access NationBuilder during the chapter-wide roll-out in the spring.

What Can My Chapter Do with NationBuilder?

There are different "levels" of NationBuilder your chapter can access, as follows.  During the pilot phase, we will specifically be testing levels 2 & 3:
  • Level 1 (Minimal): Your Chapter has a completely separate platform that you'll continue using.  You would like clear agreements for sharing data manually.  At this level, SURJ National and your chapter agree to share data quarterly via an agreed upon format and data use/confidentiality agreement.  Chapter does not have direct access to NationBuilder.
  • Level 2 (People Data, Email Broadcaster): Your chapter will use the database to track information about your people; data will be shared between your chapter and national on an ongoing basis, in alignment with an agreed upon data use/confidentiality agreement.  Your chapter can use the Goals/Paths feature as a base-building tool to track engagement with your base.  Your chapter can also use the Broadcaster for mass email-communications.  Chapter cannot create website/process donations at this level.  Chapter Dues (level TBD) will be required for this level of access.
  • Level 3 (Full Access - People Data, Email Broadcaster, Website, Donations Processing): In addition to Level 2 Access, your chapter can also build a website - including petitions, volunteer sign-ups, event rsvps, surveys, and chapter sign-ups - and process donations.  Chapter Dues (level TBD) will be required for this level of access.

What Does It Mean to be Part of the Pilot?

To be part of the NationBuilder pilot, we are asking participating chapters to:
  • Agree to use NationBuilder at Level 2 or 3 for the entire pilot period of December-February.
  • Decide on 2 people to serve as Chapter Leads for NationBuilder.  Being a NationBuilder chapter lead involves participating in more extensive training to become a NB "expert", approving other users within your chapter, ensuring appropriate use of the platform within your chapter.
  • Be patient with glitches that are found during the pilot, provide feedback to the NB Development Team, and do any required follow-up work on the chapter end to solve problems.
  • Participate in a group debrief/feedback session in February/March.
  • Commit one person post-pilot phase to provide NationBuilder training/support to other chapters upon the rollout of NationBuilder to all chapters in April/May.

If you'd like to participate in the pilot, please work with your chapter to complete this survey by October 15, 2016.  Have questions?  Feel free to ask Kristen.

We'll make our best effort to include everyone interested in the pilot in this phase of the project.  Because of capacity, we may need to restrict pilot involvement to a subset of interested chapters.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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