Muslim Solidarity Video Script

SURJ Muslim Solidarity Video Script

Created By Denver SURJ

(Each line can be read by a different group member)

Islamaphobia is on the rise.

Mainstream media, politicians, and law enforcement are promoting negative and harmful messages about Islam and Muslim cultures.

There are real and frightening impacts.


We are seeing increased attacks, harassment, profiling, and violence against Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian people.


We are here to say enough.


I love my Muslim neighbors.


Refugees are welcome here.


I have a personal responsibility to my Muslim neighbors.


I will not tolerate racism and Islamaphobia.


I will stop harassment when it’s happening.


I will say, “I disagree. I am glad to share my community with Muslims.”


I will document and report racial profiling.


I will disrupt racist and anti-Muslim violence.


I will make sure my children can recognize and speak against Islamaphobia.  


I will show up in solidarity with our Muslim, Arab, South Asian and Sikh communities.


I will encourage other clergy to get involved.


I will write a letter to the editor that says Islamaphobia is not one of our community’s values.


I will get my friends and family involved.


I will donate to a local Arab or Muslim community organization.


I will attend vigils and actions in my community.


To our Muslim, Arab, South Asian and Sikh friends and neighbors, we are with you.




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