I support Black Lives Matter because...

Presidential candidates and right-wing proxies like Fox News are attacking the fast-growing organization and movement, Black Lives Matter.

But they don’t know their history.

Yesterday, The New York Times editorial board called out the attackers and said they show a a disturbing indifference to or at best a profound ignorance of history in general and of the civil rights movement in particular.1

The editorial board goes on to say:

“From the very beginning, the (civil rights) movement focused unapologetically on bringing an end to state-sanctioned violence against African-Americans and to acts of racial terror very much like the one that took nine lives at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., in June.”  

Will you join SURJ members across the country to push back against the right wing attacks? Please share the NYT editorial with your statement “I support Black Lives Matter because…”?


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Fox news and right-wing pundits simply cannot go unchallenged by White people to whom they are appealing with their racist rhetoric. These misinformation campaigns can have dire consequences for organizations—especially emerging organizations—so it's crucial we push back—in force—to set the record straight and show our support. Some of our friends and family members might very well be listening to this hateful misinformation from Fox News. We need speak up now on social media and make sure our communities are hearing the truth.

The right is attacking because Black Lives Matter is having an impact—their organizing is courageous, timely, and strategic. They are succeeding in keeping their agenda front and center in the local and national spotlight across the country.  

It's crucial we push back—in force—to set the record straight and show our support. Share this NYT editorial on Facebook and Twitter with your statement:  “I support Black Lives Matter because…” 

Thank you for taking action-


Dara, Jeff, Sam, Erin, Carla, Todd and all of us at SURJ

P.S.  It's important to also push back against this troubling and racist narrative in local papers across the country as well. Click here for the SURJ guide to writing Letters to the Editor.



1. The New York Times Editorial, September 3, 2015 http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/04/opinion/the-truth-of-black-lives-matter.html