Take Action for Racial Justice this High Holidays


Black Lives Matter yard sign


This has been a year of mourning the anti-Black violence that has killed so many and denied the humanity of so many more, both inside and outside the Jewish community. This High Holiday season, we come together in collective grief and with a burning desire for people of color to exist and live with dignity in our country and world. We are offering up Black Lives Matter signs and resource guides to bring the Movement for Black Lives into Jewish communities and congregations. All proceeds from the signs go to Black Lives Matter. 

We want to extend an invitation to bring Black Lives Matter into  your community this High Holidays

-Hang this placard in your institution or congregation in a prominent place to show this is a space where black lives are valued

-Pass out this placard to members of your congregation or institution for them to hang in their windows, lawns or on their doors

-Use our kavanot about black lives matter as inspiration for a service, a shabbat dinner, etc.

-Engage in a conversation about the history and intention behind the black lives matter movement using our discussion guide

-Infuse High Holiday ritual with racial justice values through shared rituals

-Add the image to your website

-Change your facebook picture to Black Lives Matter image

We hope you will join us in displaying the sign prominently in your community. If the synagogue is to be a true mikdash me'at, a small Temple, what better way to beautify and adorn our sanctuaries then by proudly displaying our commitment to black lives in the place of most central importance to our spiritual lives. Displaying this sign so prominently may unsettle us but it will not distract us from the core work of the High Holy Days: to unsettle and search our souls so that we can do better in the year to come.

Please join us in challenging the racism that targets Black communities in houses of worship, on the street, in schools and in our homes. Click here to order signs and make this a true year of justice.


Yours in Strength-


Dara Silverman, SURJ

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster, T’ruah

M. Dove Kent, JFREJ

Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer


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