On #GivingTuesday, Rebecca and her family are all in.

It was 3 am, August 2014. My two young sons were sound asleep beside me. But I couldn't sleep. Instead, I was glued to Twitter, watching as young black men and women in Ferguson were tear-gassed and beaten by police.

That summer night I realized I couldn't let Black families stand alone in their fight for liberation. I decided that if people of color are going to be forced to put their bodies on the line for survival, then I am too. As a white person in this country, I have a special responsibility to undo racism and white supremacy.

Will you join me and become a SURJ member by donating today?

This week, as I laid my children down to sleep, I thought aboutrebecca4.jpg the five families in Minneapolis who are at the bedsides of their shot and injured loved ones. They were shot for being black, for saying Black Lives Matter. It is time we as white people put our own bodies on the line to break the wall of white silence and stand together against hate.

Thankfully, I found a SURJ chapter here in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. I met other people like you and me -- people taking action to end white supremacy and creating a movement for racial justice.

One person taking bold action can accomplish a lot. But we need strong movement organizations if we’re going to organize the millions of white people it’s going to take to be co-conspirators for racial justice. That’s why I’m a proud member of SURJ.

This month, SURJ is rolling out membership for the first time. To be a powerful and nimble force for racial justice, SURJ needs to be able to count on individuals like you and me for financial support. SURJ is asking each of us to become a monthly donor, ensuring the consistent and sustained support this movement needs. Each month I give $12 to grow SURJ’s work for racial justice. Will you join me?

When you’re a mother of small children, life is chaotic. I am a southern mother, which means that chaos is sweetened by Sunday dinners and strong family bonds. It’s lovely, but it’s still chaotic, and it doesn’t always leave lots of extra time for organizing against racism. 

SURJ helped make my leadership possible. The culture of SURJ is to support everyone in this work, even busy moms like me. Before long, I was connected with other mothers working to confront racism in their communities, from California to New Orleans. Now, I’m helping to lead and support a flourishing national network of SURJ Families. I’m working to amplify the voices of children, parents, and caregivers in the fight for racial justice.

Today is #GivingTuesday. Will you join me and become a SURJ member by donating today?

Yes, I will become a member of SURJ.

I know that my donation goes to support young people just beginning their journey in activism, as well as seasoned organizers who have wisdom to share.  My donations help keep me in the fight for racial justice, even while I’m busy putting my kids to bed. 

Black families love their children as fiercely as I love mine, so while I'm asking you to support SURJ, I'm committed to making sure that we also help grow the power of Black-led racial justice organizations. We ask all SURJ's donors (that’s gonna be you!) to give an equal sized donation to a Black or People of Color-led racial justice organization. If you would like a suggestion, check out this list.

Thank you for all you and yours do to create the better world we so desperately need,

Rebecca Frederick
SURJ Families & Louisville SURJ

P.S. As we launch individual membership for the first time, we have a goal of 150 members by the end of December. Help us reach our goal and build power for SURJ and our racial justice movements by donating today.