Free Jasmine

Thanks to all of you who took action last week prior to Jasmine's sentencing. We wanted to share an update and a way to support her from our friends at Black Lives Matter, Center for Media Justice and Strong Families.

Last week, Black Lives Matter Pasadena leader and organizer, Jasmine Richards Abdullah, was sentenced to 90 days jail time for "attempted lynching" – a charge that insults Black communities across the country. This is a painful reminder that there are different, if unspoken, rules in our country’s justice system depending on one’s race, gender and class. 

Many across the country are fighting for Jasmine's release – and for the liberation of all political prisoners – but until Jasmine's free, she needs to know we're with her.

The Center for Media Justice, Black Lives Matter, and Strong Families have partnered to make sure this happens.

Write a message to Jasmine and let her know that although she is behind bars, the movement is behind her.

According to the CA penal code, for a person to be charged and convicted of “attempted lynching,” there is a requirement that there be a riot, or a lynch mob assisting you in removing someone from police custody. In this case, there was no riot – just an activist fighting for the basic rights for Black residents in Pasadena, as she's done for years.

We will continue to fight for Jasmine's freedom and will also work to hold the judge and district attorney in Jasmine's case accountable for this miscarriage of justice. But as we fight for justice on the outside, we must not forget Jasmine on the inside.

Your message can give Jasmine hope and comfort during this difficult time. It's easy – write a short message letting her know how her courage and spirit has inspired you, and why you are committed to making sure #BlackLivesMatter. Once a week, the Center for Media Justice will print the cards and letters you write and send them directly to Jasmine.

We're going to keep sending her letters until Jasmine's free – make sure you let Jasmine know we're with her with a personal note now.

In solidarity,

Malkia and the rest of the team at the Center for Media Justice