Faith Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Tamir Rice

Dear Attorney General Loretta Lynch:

We are writing to express our profound concern over how Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has handled the case of the murder of Tamir Rice. As white leaders of faith, our traditions teach us that justice is central to the building of beloved community; that justice is sorely lacking in how Tamir Rice’s case is being handled.

As you know, last year twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed in Cleveland, Ohio by Officer Timothy Loehmann while playing in a park. It has been over a year since Tamir’s murder, and neither of the officers involved in this shooting have been charged with a crime. County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has openly criticized Tamir’s family as having economic motives in seeking justice for Tamir, leaked evidence to the public, and has yet to press charges against the officers. Timothy McGinty has mishandled Tamir Rice’s case at every turn, and has proven himself unfit to serve the public in this matter.

Faith leaders in action

Showing Up for Racial Justice is a national network of white people working for racial justice as part of a multi-racial movement for justice. As white faith leaders with a common commitment to the sacred dignity and worth of all people, we are deeply disturbed by how Black people are being treated by the police and criminal justice system.

We urge you to use the power and influence of the US Department of Justice to ensure that a special prosecutor is appointed to Tamir’s case.


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