Caregiver Vigil

Photo-credit:-Devin-FosterWhat it is: Parents, caregivers, their loved ones, and community gather for a vigil that is messaged around solidarity with families of color.

What you need: A location that is safe and accessible, signs, candles, flowers, children’s activities, and sound equipment for any speeches (optional)         

Photo Credit: Devin Foster 

Messaging: White Families in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter, White Families Breaking White Silence



  1. Pick a date, time, and location.

  2. Think about asking other organizations, faith groups, or parent circles to join. Check in with local people of color led accountability partners. Pick a location that is a community space where white families gather - our goal is to call in more white people to this work.

  3. Promote your event through Facebook, emails, phone calls, flyers, etc. People are most likely to come to something if they have been invited by a person they trust, so the more personal invites you do, the better your turnout will be.

  4. Plan your program. Are you going to have faith or community leaders speak? Maybe some youth want to sing a song? Write out your agenda for the evening as assign times for each activity.

  5. Gather supplies. You may want to bring signs, photos, flowers, and candles (glow sticks or battery operated candles are a good alternative for kids).

  6. Let the press know and be sure to document your event. Bring a sign in sheet or petitions so that you can follow up with participants and help them get more involved.

Caregiver Solidarity Vigil - Caregiver Solidarity Group, Little Rock Collective Liberation

Here is the messaging for our event in Little Rock and Fayetteville; another similar event happening in Russellville with slightly different messaging.

Please join us near the playground as we come together as mothers, fathers, grandmothers, uncles, and caregivers of all forms to honor our children and pledge to build up a world of justice and peace for them.

Join us as we affirm black lives, fight against the entrenched systems of racism and the harm if brings to all of us, and pledge to fight for a more just world for all of our children.

Join as we honor those that have gone before us, leaving us a legacy we must honor with our actions as we go about the everyday work of raising families.

We will ask children to draw a picture of someone who represents "Black Lives Matter" to them, and to tell us a little something about the person and why they matter to the child. We would like to have a series of child created portraits of people in our community that represents the beauty and connectedness of black lives in our state. We will read the names of everyone lost to violence in recent weeks and honor their families, especially the children who must grow up in the wake of these tragedies.

A bring your own picnic dinner will follow with lots of play time for the children. We'll have free snacks and drinks for those unable to bring a picnic.

[Additional information: We are having flowers donated from local growers which we are using for our ceremony] 


This page is a part of the "Four Family Centered Actions You Can Take For Black Lives Matter (and Four Others You Shouldn’t)" toolkit. Join the Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Families Facebook page for ongoing resources and an anti-racist community.