Blown away

Thank you SURJ community! I am blown away by the outpouring of financial support from our community in the last month. Your generous giving, as one of over 700 SURJ donors across the country, contributed to our most successful fundraising month ever. We blew away our goals, reaching 632 dues-paying members and raising over $105,000 last month! This is in addition to moving over $200,000 in 2015 to Black-led racial justice organizing through our matching ask.

This means more capacity for SURJ and for Black-led racial justice organizing across the country. This is a testament to the hunger so many of us feel to transform White America and end racism and white supremacy. It also speaks to the important work we’ve done together over the past year. Check out the infographic below for a snapshot of 2015.

I'm most excited about is what this means we can do in 2016-- building & supporting our groups, training leaders, taking bigger risks, participating in multi-racial campaigns & coalitions, and calling all our people in.

I am so grateful you chose to show up with SURJ this year. When we come together in our shared commitment to racial justice, I truly believe we are unstoppable.

In love and struggle,

Dara Silverman

National Coordinator

PS. Please remember to match your donation to SURJ with an equal sized donation to a Black-led racial justice organization.Need a suggestion? Check out our list of Black-led racial justice groups and projects here. Know where you'll be making your matching donation? Fill out this form to help us track our collective impact.