As many of us prepare to be with family and Black Friday looms, we’re looking back at this past year, and specifically this last week in awe.

-- The nationwide mobilizations and bold direct action on the one-year anniversary of the murder of 12-year old Tamir Rice.

-- The determined occupation at a Minneapolis police precinct to get justice for Jamar Clark, even after white supremacists shot five Black activists.  

-- The long-term organizing in Chicago that led to the recommendation to fire police officer Dante Servin for murdering Rekia Boyd.

None of these actions would be possible without Black organizing, Black organizations, and Black leadership.

If this year, like us, you are thankful for Black leadership, support #BlackLoveFriday. Instead of shopping this Friday, give to Black-led organizations. Join us in observing the Blackout Friday Boycotts by investing in Black communities.

Here’s a working list of organizations driving racial justice work locally, regionally and nationally across the country, or you can donate to a Black-led group in your area.

At SURJ, part of our responsibility as White people is to raise funds for Black-led organizing while also moving White people into bold action for racial justice.

We know that the resources for Black organizing are few and far between. Few funders truly prioritize supporting Black-led movements and organizations. Support the people that have the power of vision, courage, sacrifice, and love to transform the nation.

Join us this week by giving to a Black-led racial justice organization and asking others to join in.

Thank you-

Dara, Randall, Erin, Ilana and all of us at SURJ

PS: Want to share the love? Post a selfie with the hashtag #BlackLoveFriday.