Black-Led Racial Justice Organizations

We ask every donor to SURJ to make a matching gift to a Black-Led racial justice organization. You may know a local organization you want to support, which we fully support.  This list was compiled by leadership from the Movement for Black Lives.  We encourage you to give to one or more of the organizations below:

Movement for Black Lives organizations and key movement supporters:

  • Black Alliance for Justice Immigration: BAJI educates and engages African American and black immigrant communities to organize and advocate for racial, social and economic justice. Local BAJI Organizing Committees in New York, Georgia, California and Arizona build coalitions and initiate campaigns among communities to push for racial justice.

  • Blackbird/Ferguson Action: Strategic communications and rapid-response organizing to support Black-led organizing through the Movement for Black Lives.
  • Black Lives Matter Network: Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life. We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement.

  • Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity: BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity) is a national Leadership Training Program designed to help rebuild Black (African-American, Caribbean, African, Afro-Latino) social justice infrastructure in order to organize Black communities more effectively and re-center Black leadership in the U.S. social justice movement.

  • Black Youth Project 100: Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100) is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. We do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education.

  • Blackout Collective: Full service Black direct action collective.

  • Color of Change: exists to strengthen Black America's political voice. Our goal is to empower our members - Black Americans and our allies - to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone.
  • Dignity and Power Now: Dignity and Power Now (DPN) is a grassroots organization based in Los Angeles that fights for the dignity and power of incarcerated people, their families, and communities.

  • Freedom Inc.: Freedom, Inc. engages low- to no-income communities of color in Dane County, WI. We work to end violence against people of color, women, those that non-traditionally gender identify, and our youth, to promote healthy lifestyle.  

  • Million Hoodies Movement for Justice: Million Hoodies for Justice is a national racial justice network that builds the next generation of human rights leaders to end mass criminalization and gun violence.  Million Hoodies organizes students, artists and young people of color in 10+ communities and campuses across the country. 

  • Organization for Black Struggle: The Organization for Black Struggle was founded in 1980 by activists, students, union organizers and other community members in order to fill a vacuum left by the assaults on the Black Power Movement. Their mission is to build a movement that fights for political empowerment, economic justice and the cultural dignity of the African-American community, especially the Black working class.

  • Project South: Project South is a Southern-based leadership development organization that creates spaces for movement building. We work with communities pushed forward by the struggle– to strengthen leadership and to provide popular political and economic education for personal and social transformation.

  • Southerners on New Ground: Southerners On New Ground (SONG) is a regional Queer Liberation organization made up of people of color, immigrants, undocumented people, people with disabilities, working class and rural and small town, LGBTQ people in the South.

  • UndocuBlack Network: The UndocuBlack Network's mission is to “blackify” the undocumented immigrant narrative in the U.S. and facilitate access to resources for the Black undocumented community.

And if you want a more comprehensive list and map of Black-led Black Liberation Organizing, follow the link to find this helpful resource put together by Resource Generation.