It's a Movement Moment

All of us at SURJ are still reeling in horror and deep sadness in the wake of last week’s attack at the Emanuel A.M.E Church in Charleston. Sadly, we are not shocked by this horrific event. This attack is the result of an ongoing system of structural violence against black people in this country that has been in place for hundreds of years.

We’re also hopeful and moved to action.


The powerful movement for black lives continues to grow in the face of continued acts of violence, and thousands of white people have turned to SURJ to find resources, build relationships, and learn the skills they need to move into effective action for racial justice.

Will you chip in $5 today to help SURJ continue to build and strengthen a movement of white people taking accountable action for racial justice?

In just the past week -

  • over 2,000 people registered for the SURJ conference call to hear from people on the ground in Charleston and learn concrete next steps to take action

  • 20,000 people attended vigils and actions organized by SURJ affiliates in dozens of cities.

  • Dozens of SURJ volunteers have been working on the ground in Charleston and across the country to support new organizers

Right now, volunteers and staff are working around the clock to respond to the huge influx of new groups --  from Anchorage to Bellingham to Bloomington to Kansas City -- asking for support to do this essential work.

But we don’t have the resources we need.

On Friday, over 2,000 people registered for the call to hear from organizers in Charleston but because of our limited capacity, there were only 500 phone lines available, which means hundreds were not able to join the call.

Your $5 contribution will be put into action this week to pay for more phone lines for conference calls, for coaches for new groups sprouting up all around the country ready to take action, for printing and postage to distribute yard signs and so much more.

Thank you,

Dara, Sam, Carla, Sean, Pam and the whole SURJ team

P.S. We have a political commitment to financially support black-led and people of color-led organizing. By helping SURJ today, half of your contribution will be used immediately to support the Movement for Black Lives for their upcoming gathering in Cleveland.