#RaiseUpJustice #RaiseUpLove Resolutions

The morning that we learned that there would be no charges for the officer responsibleZ_Resolutions_2016for taking Tamir Rice’s life, I woke up like any other morning. As the sun broke and I snuggled into my sleeping child lost to a world of dreams a mere 350 miles away a mother most likely laid awake lost in grief for her stolen son. A life taken decades too early, murdered by a system that protects its killers and blames its victims. On December 28, 2015 Prosecutor Timothy McGinty announced that on his suggestion a grand jury has decided not to bring charges on Officer Timothy Lohemann, the officer responsible for taking the life of Tamir Rice. Thinking about these mothers and the coming of the new year made me realize it’s time that we, as white families, resolve to #RaiseUpLove, #RaiseUpJustice, and #Resolve2Resist Racism. - Rebecca

Zoë and their family (pictured) resolve to host racial justice story time in 2016. What's your racial justice resolution? 

This is an invitation for you to consider your racial justice resolutions for this year, and to share them confidently and call in your friends to do the same. Stay tuned for a pledge you can sign and share!        

This non-indictment comes at the end of a long year with many other moments of injustice towards the black and brown youth of this country. With incidents of brutality like the one in Spring Valley High school, the McKinney Texas pool party, Jessie Hernandez in Denver, Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Aiyana Stanley-Jones and so many others, it has become a time of great need for us to show up as white families and caregivers in support of these stolen lives as well as the families and communities surrounding them.

We can show our solidarity by uplifting the demands for justice being made by the families and communities. We can also begin to consciously dismantle the wall of white supremacy in the next generation of children we are raising and influencing. You see there are two families in this situation, the family that was awoken to the terror of their child being taken from them with no hope of justice and the family of the men and women overcome with indifference, hate and/or fear hidden behind a badge and a gun.

As white families, caregivers and allies we must intentionally choose to speak to all the children in our lives about love, justice, naming race, and resisting racism. We need them to learn there is enough for everyone and how to show up against hate and a white supremacist society in order to break that cycle of brutalization and death. Can we declare to the world we are here to make a change by sharing resolutions for 2016 saying we will #RaiseUpLove and we will #RaiseUpJustice?

With every life stolen, every body brutalized and every non indictment issued there is a growing urgency to put our bodies in the streets and take action for black and brown lives. As a working group focused on families, caregivers and elders we at SURJ Families fully understand that life’s limitations can keep us at home, unable to be visible in the streets. But is it is important that we collectively show up as white families, caregivers and allies for Racial Justice to say that we will choose to teach love and justice in radical ways in order to break the wall of white silence for the children in our lives, allowing them a clear path to open, honest and radical love and justice. 

One thing we can all do from home is flood the Internet with images of white families making their resolutions to #RaiseUpLove, #RaiseUpJustice and #Resolve2Resist Racism in 2016! 

Please post your photo, resolution, statement of mutual interest and solidarity at that time. Also be ready to retweet and share everyone else's resolutions to #RaiseUpLove and #RaiseUpJustice and #Resolve2Resist Racism in 2016! 

Post your pictures, resolutions and stories of mutual interest here in this event page, on your personal walls, make them your profile pictures, share on Twitter and include @SURJ, gather at the playground as a groups to do some group pictures and plant some seeds of conversation...and of course don't forget the hashtags: #RaiseUpLove, #RaiseUpJustice & #Resolve2Resist

How to share your #RaiseUpLove Resolution:

  1. Post picture of your family with a sign. You can use ours or make your own with a resolution or a question for others: “What is your #RaiseUpLove resolution?” “What is your #RaiseUpJustice resolution?” or “How do you #Resolve2Resist Racism?” Post on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #RaiseUpLove, #RaiseUpJustice & #Resolve2Resist. Also mention @ShowUp4RJ in your tweets so we can retweet all the awesome resolutions. 

  2. Sign a pledge (coming soon!) to be engaged in this work as families and caregivers.

  3. Join the Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) Families Facebook page to share resources and conversations with other likeminded families. http://bit.ly/SURJFamiliesFacebookGroup

  4. Gather for a playgroup or families focused meeting to discuss how you can take action in your own community. Find a local SURJ chapter to connect with or email SURJFamilies@gmail.com for support to get a group started. Make your resolution to the world and then figure out how you can move into action within your community to break the wall of white silence for our future generations. 

Please feel free to contact us by email with any comments, questions or concerns: SURJFamilies@gmail.com.