2016 Base Building Training and Coaching!

SURJ Base Building Schedule 2016

If we are going to build the kind of world we all want, we need a lot more white folks joining the fight for racial justice. The Base Building team in SURJ is launching an exciting series of calls to help local chapters hone skills, learn from what is working in other areas, and grow the base we need to challenge white supremacy now, and over the long haul.


Register by clicking the links below! Listen to the recordings of past sessions by clicking on the link below. 

Questions? Email surjerin@gmail.com





Recording link for the call

February 23

Holding 1-1 meetings

Click here for recording

March 29

Workshopping base-building challenges 

Click here for recording

April 26


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May 31

Workshopping base-building challenges 


June 28

House parties  (click to register)


July 26

Workshopping base-building challenges

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